Rosetown, Central Butte, Moose Jaw

1916 character 4-suite apartment house.

We have 4 flats for quiet professionals, or retired persons in a
1916 2½ storey character building 1½ blocks from downtown Rosetown.

This home was built by Dr Myers in 1916. It was originally on Main Street but was moved to its current location in 1963 and converted to a 4-plex at that time. A lot of the original charm is still there, along with some mid 20th century upgrades, and current modernization for today's living.

Apartment for rent in Rosetown

All our suites have been rented long term.

To get on our waiting list, find Application forms here or E-mail your questions.

Tenants like to stay in their rental situations in this building.
I have a tenant who has been here since September of 2016;
a tenant who has been here since June of 2017;
a tenant who was here from 2011 to 2022;
and a tenant who stayed 16 years - from 1994 to 2010.
In fact, I have had three tenants who have moved right within the building.
Availability is this historic building is quite rare.

This place really must be seen to be appreciated.
If you want a quiet place to live and like history, it is meant for you.

Acceptance to this building means you are a quiet professional or retired person.
Everyone in the building respects the other tenants' right to a quiet peaceful place to live.
In other words, if you're going to party, you'll need to do so at your friends' places.

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Flat A
Leased until 7/31/2025
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Downtown Rosetown apartment for rent

Flat B
Leased until 7/31/2024
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Rosetown flat for rent close downtown Rosetown SK

Flat C
Leased until 7/31/2024
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Flat D
Leased until 7/31/2024
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We also have 2 single family homes in Rosetown.
One is rented long term.
other is rented month to month but is also for sale.

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King St
Rented until further notice
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George St
Leased until 8/31/2023 (also for sale)
Contact us to rent, or 306-831-8311 to buy.